You have found the home of Speaker ~ Author ~ Storyteller Craig McCourt. I am honored that you have found your way to my website.  The last few years have been a roller-coaster as we launched this ministry called Pondering God. I have been so blessed to speak to so many groups across the country.  WE have tried to make this the central hub for all of our resources. This includes our Podcast, Blog, Resource Shop, Ideas, and Speaking information!

As we develop new resources we will add links to the bottom of this page, so come back often and stay as long as you like!


As Iron Sharpens Iron

King Soloman talks about the ability of one man to sharpen another as Iron sharpen’s Iron, with this in mind I am hoping to find a small band of men willing get together regularly for a little sharpening.  A group of men willing to come together, read, discuss and pray.

Munkabean Coffee Shop

One of my favorite “offices” away from my office is Munkabeans Coffee shop, located at 222 1st Ave. East in downtown Shakopee. With chrome and Formica kitchen tables right out of my childhood and great coffee and food, who could ask for a better place to hang out.



Visit Craig’s ongoing blog where for several years Craig has shared stories of faith and life, ideas and resources for ministry, and so much more.


From here you can both listen and subscribe to all of Craig’s podcast. Each episode is designed to leave you inspired challenged, and smiling.


You can pick up Craig’s latest resources as well as t-shirts, graphics for sharing the gospel online, retreat kits, and so much more.


Find out how you can bring Craig to your next event or conference. You can also see Craig’s schedule and places he has spoken.
First thing in the morning, before you turn on the coffee maker, before your check Facebook or your email – give me your first two minutes in the Word. Let the Word of God reset your heart and mind and be blessed!