Powerless but Loved

Pondering God Audio Episode 74 (Message Monday)

Powerless, godless, sinner that is how Paul describes you and me when God out of his great love for us sent Christ into the World. Powerless but Loved was delivered on June 18, 2017, at New Creation Lutheran Church in Shakopee, Minnesota.

What Are The Odds?

Pondering God Audio Episode 73

Statistics can prove just about anything if you look at them just right. But today bI have a question for you, “What are the Odds…?” You will have to listen if you want to know more.


Free Small Group Bible Study – Ephesians

From the Road – two memorial days

Pondering God Audio - Episode 72

What reminds you of Memorial Day? a flag, a busy campground, a marching band, or a local memorial. Today I ponder memorial days – from the road in Michigan.

Free Small Group Bible Study

Ephesians - The Church The Body of Christ

The Church is the Body of Christ and nowhere is that more clearly stated than in the book of Ephesians. Ephesians was not written in response to a specific circumstance or controversy as were most of Paul’s epistles.  It has almost a meditative quality.  In the theme shared with Colossians – Christ the head of the Church His body – Ephesians emphasizes the Church as Christ’s body, whereas Colossians emphasizes the headship of Christ.  Colossians warns against a false doctrine which diminishes Christ, while Ephesians expresses praise for the unity and blessings shared by all believers in Christ.

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Gone Mobile

Pondering God Podcast Episode 71

The Camper is hooked up and it time to hit the road with every other memorial day camper! So what’s up for next week on the ol’ podcast? Listen and find out!

I Can’t Find My Mouse

Pondering God Episode 70

Do you ever reach that point where it seems like your desk, your house, or maybe even the inside of your car gets out of control and it needs a good cleaning? Well, that got me pondering…

Knowing The Unknown God

Pondering God Episode 69 - Message Monday

What is it that you don’t know? What was that? You don’t know what you don’t know? Well, the greeks knew what they didn’t know – they had an altar built to an unknown god. I’ll let you in on a secret I know who he is!

Time I’ll Never Get Back

Pondering God Audio Episode 68

Sometimes it is only after we have spent 1/2 a day on a project that we discover there was a much better way to do this, that would have taken 2 minutes!  In Today’s Pondering God we discuss how sometimes we just need to ask for help.

We’ll be back!

Pondering God Audio - Takes 2 days off!

We do not put episodes of Pondering God in the can for use later, we might some day, but for now we do them as we go. What Does This Mean? It means I will not be releasing any new Pondering God Audio until Thursday May 18. So hang in there and take advantage of this time to listen to some classic, otherwise known as old episodes.

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What’s Better than a Pet Rock?

Pondering God Audio Episode 67 - Message Monday

What’s better than a Pet Rock? Try a Living Stone! Today’s Message is from New Creation Lutheran Church in Shakopee Minnesota from May 14, 2017.