Oh Yea! But I Got There First

Pondering God Audio Episode 54 "Message Monday"

The foot race to the tomb on Easter Morning between John and Peter found in John 20 is my favorite Easter account. Today I share why in a message recorded at the Easter Sunrise Service at New Creation Lutheran Church in Shakopee Minnesota in 2017.

Just One Step At A Time

Pondering God Audio Episode #53

Somedays everything just seems more of a challenge, that is life with Depression. But even on those days, there is a way to get going. Join us today as we share about taking our first steps, and a classic story of missteps.

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Breathe Normally?

Pondering God Audio Episode 52

I’m all for breathing, in fact, it is my favorite thing to do. There are, however, times I can not breathe normally! Find out more in today’s Podcast.

5 Things You Need To Know for Tuesday

Pondering God Audio Episode 50

USA Today and my local radio station both offer me a daily list of five things I need to know today. Sometimes I don’t think I need to know any of them. So here are 5 things you DO need to know.

Talking Lightening

Pondering God Audio Episode 49

It’s Sermon Monday and today we want to share one of Craig’s Easter messages from this year.  Has lightening ever talked to you? find out when it happened in today’s Pondering God episode. Easter 2017 from New Creation Lutheran Church in Shakopee, MN.

Thank God for Friday

Pondering God Episode 48

I always enjoy Fridays, it means the weekend it at hand! So I always give a little shout out to God for Fridays, but today I am thankful for THIS Friday. Join us as we look at Good Friday, and I share a few memories and ideas.

Today I refer to a blog post by Tom Eggebrecht, Check out his blog for help in getting your creative juices flowing!    http://www.tomeggebrecht.com/5-things-good-friday/

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“Alexa Play Pondering God Podcast”

Make your Amazon Echo useful!

Starting today you can listen to Pondering God Audio by simply talking to your Amazon Echo.  Alexa is smart enough to get you the latest episode of our Podcast by simply saying “Alexa, Play Pondering God Podcast” when she double checks with you and you say YES you are off to the races! If you don’t have an Echo or an Echo Dot now is a good time!