Thank God for Friday

Pondering God Episode 48

I always enjoy Fridays, it means the weekend it at hand! So I always give a little shout out to God for Fridays, but today I am thankful for THIS Friday. Join us as we look at Good Friday, and I share a few memories and ideas.

Today I refer to a blog post by Tom Eggebrecht, Check out his blog for help in getting your creative juices flowing!

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Give Me A Little Carman With That

Pondering God Audio #43

There are two constants for me on Palm Sunday, one is a memory from my time in Houston, the second is a Palm Sunday Classic Tune! Today I share both.

This is getting us nowhere!

Pondering God Audio #41

Sometimes is takes looking at something over and over and over before you really see it clearly. Today I find a hidden gem in the account of Jesus grand entry into Jerusalem.

Time to Move The Wisemen

Pondering God Episode 39

EPIPHANY My favorite day of the year – Time for another installment of Pondering God Audio. Enjoy – No real show notes this time so just kick back and listen!