I Can’t Find My Mouse

Pondering God Episode 70

Do you ever reach that point where it seems like your desk, your house, or maybe even the inside of your car gets out of control and it needs a good cleaning? Well, that got me pondering…

Knowing The Unknown God

Pondering God Episode 69 - Message Monday

What is it that you don’t know? What was that? You don’t know what you don’t know? Well, the greeks knew what they didn’t know – they had an altar built to an unknown god. I’ll let you in on a secret I know who he is!

Time I’ll Never Get Back

Pondering God Audio Episode 68

Sometimes it is only after we have spent 1/2 a day on a project that we discover there was a much better way to do this, that would have taken 2 minutes!  In Today’s Pondering God we discuss how sometimes we just need to ask for help.

What’s Better than a Pet Rock?

Pondering God Audio Episode 67 - Message Monday

What’s better than a Pet Rock? Try a Living Stone! Today’s Message is from New Creation Lutheran Church in Shakopee Minnesota from May 14, 2017.

You want me to bring WHAT to church?

Pondering God Episode 65

Today we might step on a couple of toes…so put on your steel-toed boots and give a listen. In our second half today you can hear an amazing account of the Power of God’s Word!

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Learning to Read

Pondering God Audio Episode 64

When did you learn to read? What did you learn to read? In today’s Pondering God Audio I discuss how important it is to learn to “Read Jesus.” Reading more than just his Words, but his actions as well.

When Jesus Stands

Pondering God Audio - Message Monday - Episode 63

Confirmation day is a special day in the lives of those confirming their faith and in the lives of those who have helped them in this journey. Today’s Message Monday is a brief address primarily to the confirmands, but we let everyone listen in.

The Great Storyteller Challenge – Shoes For Sale

Pondering God Episode 62

It’s Friday and that means The Great Storyteller Challenge – Today’s challenge comes from Bill Hugo “Shoes For Sale” – Thanks, Bill!


Don’t Share This

Pondering God Audio - Episode 61

Nobody likes to be told what to do, not even online. So what do we do with all the requests to share, post and shout Amen that we receive. Today we look at what God’s Word tells us about sharing our faith.  Also, news on our future podcast schedule will be discussed.

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Imagine What?

Pondering God Audio Episode 60

Remember the classic John Lennon song “Imagine”? It’s making a comeback by an amazing group of vocalist Pentatonix.  While the melody is wonderful and the acapella harmonies are beautiful, the lyrics are as lacking as ever. Listen to my brief assessment of the lyrics and why they even matter on today’s podcast.


Casting Crowns – Slow Fade

Pentatonix – Mary Did You Know

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