“Alexa Play Pondering God Podcast”

Make your Amazon Echo useful!

Starting today you can listen to Pondering God Audio by simply talking to your Amazon Echo.  Alexa is smart enough to get you the latest episode of our Podcast by simply saying “Alexa, Play Pondering God Podcast” when she double checks with you and you say YES you are off to the races! If you don’t have an Echo or an Echo Dot now is a good time!

1,000 Free Books! Fire up your Kindle

Who Doesn't Like Free

FREEkindlebooksIt must be Christmas at Amazon!  They have been giving away books for the kindle like they are snowflakes on Christmas eve.  For you southerners that is alot of books! Most of them come and go quickly so you need to can them,  pick them and read them later.  To check out the abundance of new free books from Amazon just bookmark:  http://amzn.to/bookload  Yes you will want to book mark this one so you can go back to it and keep checking what is new.

The 1000+ (non-public domain) books include everything from cookbooks to commentaries.  Lots of great fiction and even a good cookbook or two. There are even some good children’s picture books for all you kindle fire or ipad kindle readers!

Stop Pouting!

DON”T HAVE A KINDLE!  Stop Pouting!  Well if you are reading this you have everything you need to get a Kindle ebook and enjoy it!  You can read Kindle books on your phone, tablet, computer or yes even a kindle.  The new color Fire, 7″ Display, Wi-Fi, 8 GB – Includes Special Offers, Black sells for as little as $49!

<>< Craig

Up Periscope

New video toy or tool?

PeriscopeToday over coffee with Todd Stocker I was introduced to the world of Periscope.  A self proclaimed video link to “explore the world through someone else’s eyes.” It is a fascinating app that allows anyone to go live on the internet with a video.  People are able to tune in to your broadcast using the app on their phone or tablet. Viewers also have the option of sharing a comment with you or to send some hearts to your screen so they can “show the love.”

It is an interesting concept to explore for ministry.  I can see a dark side to this type of application, but also the potential to care for people.   As an experiment I am going to set up a Periscope schedule (watch my twitter feed and Facebook page) in the next few days to try this technology out.

I’ll pick a topic and begin a broadcast inviting you to join in and share in the online conversation.  If you are using periscope please share your thoughts, along with the when and why you are using it.  Up Periscope!


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Who Doesn't Like Free?

Self Proclaimed King of The Freebies!

FREE is one of my favorite 4 letter words.  I have often taken for myself the title of King of The Freebies. Now don’t think of me as cheep, but as frugal, or better yet, a great steward.  Today I want to let you in on a couple of great freebies that I have discovered.  Both of these are from sights that have graphics to sell, and I have purchased from both of them. What brings me back to their sites each week is a fresh round of freebies!

creative-market-free-fontsCREATIVE MARKET offers free fonts, graphics, and more each week.  This is a great source of ideas, as well as graphic support for various projects.  I don’t grab all the freebies each week I do grab the free font each week. One never knows when they will need a creative font for a poster, flyer or PowerPoint.


lightstock_logoLIGHTSTOCK offers a great selection of “faith-focused, Royalty-Free Stock Images.” These are great for your PowerPoint presentations or your church newsletter or the latest blog post.  They offer 1 free photo and 1 free vector drawing each week.  In addition they also offer 1 free video clip per month.  I always snag the free image and have a large collection of both free and purchased images from LightStock.


I always grab freebies even if I can’t think of a use at the moment for the image. I am always amazed when months or even years later I need an image and I look through my collection and I already have the perfect image.

Do you have a great FREEBIE SOURCE leave it in the comments below I would love to hear about it.  Share the wealth…

THE Van Story and more

A story is worth a thousand pictures...

For many years people have requested that I record the Boundry Water’s Van story.  Last spring at the Best Practices Conference in Phoenix I shared the infamous VAN STORY and more in a workshop on storytelling.  It was all captured for posterity in living color…

A Story is Worth 1,000 Pictures from Christ Church Lutheran on Vimeo.

"Take On" for Lent

Ideas for families

lentfamilyMany times we “give up” something for Lent and while this can be a very reflective practice for some, it is hard for a family to give up something together without it degenerating into complaints or a competition.  So try taking something on.

Take on:

  • Sharing 2 things you are thankful for today at the dinner table each night.
  • Serving/Visiting an elderly person in your neighborhood or church.
  • Raising funds for……….(food shelf, Feed My Starving Children, Operation Christmas Child, or????)
  • Writing letters to missionaries (you can continue this after Lent by committing to send birthday cards and holiday cards throughout the year).
  • Serving a meal as a family at a local soup kitchen
  • Compliments rather than put downs within the family during the 6 weeks of Lent. (Hopefully the habit will continue)
  • Devotional time together as a family. (Older children can even be asked to develop the devotion for one night.  This helps ease the difficulty finding content to appeal to wide age ranges)

Lent is a time of reflection and repentance.  May these ideas spur your family on to slow down and Ponder God during this time in the church year. May you be blessed and draw closer to Christ and to each other in your efforts.

PowerPoint – not just for presentations

powerpointHow many PowerPoint presentations have you put together over the years?  How many PowerPoint presentations have you sat through over the years?  Did you know that many elementary school students are learning to put together PowerPoint presentations for their class reports?  The platform is here to stay.

While we are asking questions, did you know that you can do much more with PowerPoint than just make presentations?  How about an 11×17 full color poster for your next event?  or a tri-fold brochure for your upcoming mission trip?

The latest PowerPoint in Office 365 is not your father’s PowerPoint.  OK so your father never used PowerPoint, you get the point. The simple layouts to create a slide show are still included, and they are dressed up a but with many new design features. So many new features that PowerPoint is now my go to program for many of my graphic design needs.

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