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Ephesians - The Church The Body of Christ

The Church is the Body of Christ and nowhere is that more clearly stated than in the book of Ephesians. Ephesians was not written in response to a specific circumstance or controversy as were most of Paul’s epistles.  It has almost a meditative quality.  In the theme shared with Colossians – Christ the head of the Church His body – Ephesians emphasizes the Church as Christ’s body, whereas Colossians emphasizes the headship of Christ.  Colossians warns against a false doctrine which diminishes Christ, while Ephesians expresses praise for the unity and blessings shared by all believers in Christ.

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Pondering God Audio - Takes 2 days off!

We do not put episodes of Pondering God in the can for use later, we might some day, but for now we do them as we go. What Does This Mean? It means I will not be releasing any new Pondering God Audio until Thursday May 18. So hang in there and take advantage of this time to listen to some classic, otherwise known as old episodes.

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Pondering God Audio - Episode 66 Storyteller Challenge

Today’s Storyteller Challenge came in through our facebook page and made me remember back to my summer mission trip to Guatemala with World Servants. It’s not too late to get in on next week’s challenge – you can leave your 1-3 word topic as a comment to this post!

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Podcast goes daily!

Let's see how this goes!

We have taken a big step forward for our Podcast. What started as a weekly podcast, and slowly went to a monthly podcast is making a dramatic shift.  We have moved to a daily podcast running Monday-Friday, with an occasional weekend podcast.   Each Monday we will feature a full length, sermon/presentation from a recent event or service.

With my return to full-time parish ministry as a Vicar at New Creation Lutheran Church Pondering God Audio Podcast is a joint venture of Pondering God and New Creation Lutheran Church. Let us know your thoughts, reactions, and if you have any ideas for future podcast topics.  With this switch to a daily podcast, we will be pulling back on the number of blog posts appearing on Pondering God.

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Serving in the Dominican Again!

World Servants - June 25-July 2, 2016

LaCumbre 2016A group of faithful servants from Calvary Baptist Church from Murfreesboro  TN has been serving the people of God in and around LaCumbre for 10 years.  This was my third trip as a leader of the LaCumbre project. Along with 4 young adults from Elgin IL the team of 14 were a blessings to the LaCumbre Community.

Our Partner

Pastor Thelma and the Good Samaritan Church of LaCumbre has been a long partner with World Servants.  The community was excited and anxious for our servants to return. It has been two years since a group served in LaCumbre.  Our project this year was to pour a roof/deck on the classrooms build at the church on our last trip to the community in 2014.

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Pondering God Podcast Episode 27

PodcastLogoWe want to let you know that we have ended the GodPonders Audio podcast, and replaced it with the all new Pondering God Podcast.  This is all apart of our Re-Branding that is underway.

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Let Christmas Begin – 2nd day of Christmas

GodPonders Audio #16

2nd day of ChristmasHappy 2nd day of Christmas. From my office in Eden Prairie, MN I can say that it really does look like Christmas outside after a wonderful overnight snowfall.  I also know that in the next day or two I will witness one of the saddest events of the season. This event I call the “early demise of Christmas.” It is the day that decorations come down and trees start appearing  curb side. What makes these dark days is that Christmas was just getting warmed up!  This is why our Christmas lights will stay lit through Epiphany on January 6th and our tree will come down sometime after that.

Today’s marks the 2nd Day of Christmas on our 12 day journey to Epiphany.  We are in the “12 days of Christmas.”  In our culture we get the waiting, the preparation, the Advent of Jesus all mixed in with Christmas.   Often by time the actual season of Christmas rolls around ( and it rolled into town yesterday on December 25) we are tired of Christmas Music, Lights, not to mention the tree, which has been up since Thanksgiving in many homes has lost most of it’s needles.

So how do we change that?  How do we take the time to celebrate the 12 days of Christmas? – We are here to help.  I am committed to recording a fresh Podcast each day to help us celebrate and reflect on the season of Christmas as we look forward to Epiphany!  Today we will look at 2 of my favorite Christmas Eve Traditions.

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