Simeon’s Story is song

A great new find to share!

I love the story of Simeon and the Christ Child, In fact, I am preaching on this story this weekend at my church and the next blog post is called “3 Keys to Finding Peace” from the Simeon Story.

With all this in mind, I wanted to share this great video I came across today while working on my message for this weekend. Enjoy!


This song is written by Tommy Walker -check out more great music and resources at Tommy Walkers Website! 

It's Not About the Stuff

A Letter to Parents

chaos-227971_640I can remember what Dr. James Dobson said many years ago: “often parents spend so much time trying to give their children what they never had, that they forget to give them what they did have!” As this month begins and we are drawn to be reflective about the people, events, and ‘stuff’ for which we are grateful, I wish that this nation would wake up to the simple fact that it is not now, nor has it ever been, about ‘stuff.’ We have been so conditioned by this self-indulgent culture and media that all we desire is more stuff.

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Video – I'm Not Normal

Special short edition of Craig's Classic "I'm Not Normal"

It is safe to call “I’m not Normal and God is Odd” one of the cornerstone presentations that I offer.  I am please to be able to share this special Sunday Morning “short” edition of this classic talk.


I’m Not Normal
from craig mccourt on Vimeo.I’ve spent the better part of 50 years trying to fit in, to be part of those who are normal. Only to come to the startling conclusion there is no such thing as normal. In Scripture we are called; “peculiar people” , “sheep”, “aliens”, “royal”, “adopted”, “born again”, “hand-made”, “Light”, and “Salt” just to name a few – that’s anything but normal.
This video is the “SHORT” version of “I’m not Normal and God is Odd.



Remembering to Forget

For many years I have struggled with a poor memory.  Names have never come easy for me, after 13 years at Trinity Waconia I almost knew the whole staff.  OK so maybe it’s not quite that bad.  But I still put many miles a day on walking from room to room only forgetting what brought me there in the first place.  I pity the people who have to pay a gym for this kind of work out.  Having lived 50+ (since I keep forgetting how many, but I do know it’s more than 50) years I have a greater appreciation each day for the way that God uses His Word to call us to remember.

I often read the accounts of Scripture and marvel at just how fast the people of God can forget what he has done, or even who he is, but I shouldn’t. You see I often live life day to day forgetting the goodness and grace of God from the day before.  Below is a video of a message I have shared many times over the years.  It is called simply “remember.”  Take a moment and “remember what the Lord Your God has done!”


Remember – Memorial Day Weekend 2015 from craig mccourt on Vimeo

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Since the fall in the garden, Satan, the world, and even our own foolish choices seek to “knock the wind out of us.” This talk looks at what it means to have the breath of God in us and how to live the “breath-taking” life God has for us.

This video is the Breathe talk (shortened) as delivered in a Sunday Morning Worship Service at St. Michael’s Lutheran Church in Bloomington, MN. September 2014