Podcast goes daily!

Let's see how this goes!

We have taken a big step forward for our Podcast. What started as a weekly podcast, and slowly went to a monthly podcast is making a dramatic shift.  We have moved to a daily podcast running Monday-Friday, with an occasional weekend podcast.   Each Monday we will feature a full length, sermon/presentation from a recent event or service.

With my return to full-time parish ministry as a Vicar at New Creation Lutheran Church Pondering God Audio Podcast is a joint venture of Pondering God and New Creation Lutheran Church. Let us know your thoughts, reactions, and if you have any ideas for future podcast topics.  With this switch to a daily podcast, we will be pulling back on the number of blog posts appearing on Pondering God.

Let the adventure begin…


What a Parade

Pondering God Audio #44

Starting today Monday’s podcast will feature a full-length message from Craig McCourt. We begin with Paul Sunday 2017 from John 12:12-19 What a Parade!

Give Me A Little Carman With That

Pondering God Audio #43

There are two constants for me on Palm Sunday, one is a memory from my time in Houston, the second is a Palm Sunday Classic Tune! Today I share both.

This is getting us nowhere!

Pondering God Audio #41

Sometimes is takes looking at something over and over and over before you really see it clearly. Today I find a hidden gem in the account of Jesus grand entry into Jerusalem.

So It’s Tuesday

Just That Simple

So I spent the day yesterday helping my son Isaiah move the last of his belongings from Duluth to my home temporarily as he looks for a place to live in the area.  So today is my Monday, and unlike so many people I know, I love Mondays!  I have a fresh week in front of me and a great Sunday of Worship behind me – What is not to love!

My morning was spent in the office catching up on a few things, planning worship for Wednesday and some sermon writing.  Now it was time to grab a Salad and hang out at my new favorite Coffee Shop Monkabeans. As I try to find a place to sit I observe two ladies sitting at a table discussing the Bible. I placed my order and sat down by the window. Behind me, a local Pastor sits with someone and has a conversation about doing ministry together.

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Jammin to Bach

Happy Birthday J.S. Bach

Today is J.S. Bach’s and in celebration of that fact, I am jammin to Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos. I may have found my new sermon writing mix! I hope that today the church on earth recognizes the amazing talent and giftedness of J.S. Bach. As a Lutheran, I love the great heritage of music left to us by such masters as Bach. The wealth of great organ works and orchestrations left for us is amazing first of all in the exceptional quality of the music, and secondly by the sheer volume of the work that has been given. When we look at the life of J.S. Bach we see a life dedicated to using his God given gifts to his praise and glory. 

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It’s About Time

Pondering God Podcast -Episode 40

If I had a dollar for every time I heard someone say “You should become a Pastor” I would be retired on my own island somewhere. They are not saying that anymore listen to episode 40 and find out what they are saying now!