My Heart, Christ’s Home Retreat/Study Kit


All inclusive kit for a weekend Women’s Retreat or Bible Study series based on the booklet “My Heart Christ’s Home” by Robert Munger.


As Christians we believe that Christ dwells in us as a result of the gift of faith we have received.  Ephesians 3:17 says, “….so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith.”  But what does this mean?  So many times we gloss over Scripture, God’s very word, thinking, “Wow, that is a neat verse”, but if we believe it is TRUTH we need to do more than gloss over beautiful passages. What does it mean for my daily life that Christ lives in me? What does it mean for my life as a woman of God driving my kids to activities, interacting with my neighbors, and trying to be the wife, mother, grandmother God intends me to be?

This retreat, which could also be used as a series of 6-8 Bible studies, tries to get at some of these deeper meanings of Ephesians 3:16-17.  If Christ dwells in us, that means that our bodies are His home.  He lives here.  By taking a look at different rooms in this “home” we begin to understand more fully how these verses impact our lives.  It is based on a pamphlet by Robert Munger by the same name.  This retreat package includes everything you need for your Bible Study portion of a Women’s Retreat and includes some ideas for games, quiet times, music, and other program areas of your retreat.


  • Participant Guide (24 pg) .pdf file
  • Leaders Guide (19 pg) .pdf file
  • Resource Kit Notes
  • PowerPoint Backgrounds
  • Poster Templates (for retreat or study) .pdf file
  • 2 Music pages for songs in the study .pdf files
  • Graphic File (to design your own publicity)
  • Font File (to match fonts used in book and posters)
  • License (unlimited use by single congregation/ministry)


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